The Happy Autumn Issue

Always a little bit sad when summer ends, though it s not my fave season of the year.

I heart spring to the bits, the colour of nature turns into lime green, birds singing, flowers begin to bloom, they are all having a party after such a long sleep. 

I read somewhere that the original name of Autumn comes from Egyptian god : Atum , symbolised “the sun who hides the earth” and it seems appropriate, the nights getting dark in the beginning of September. By the middle of September, the trees have become shades of red and gold. By the end of September, it starts to rain more, and every day is  shorter than before, as if preparing us for a cold and dark months of winter.

So then, i prefer to obey the message of Audrey Hepburn : The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters, and in this case : enjoy the beautiful scenery this season has to offer, have a cup of warm chocolate, wear the mustard sweater, turn on the cinnamon scented candles and cuddle your loved one 😍


Mrs Wife

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