Days of Gratitude

Research says that you can increase your happiness by writing down 3 things for which you are grateful (every day).
From the scenes of last days, here s my grateful lists :

Grateful for : Having my sister from Jakarta on her Europe trip and my nephew from Los Angeles for his soccer training here in Belgium , glad to see them in my continent.


Grateful for : Traveling to Luxembourg City together with my sister, nephew, and mr hubby. Together is a wonderful place to be. Β After all i ve never been to Luxembourg City myself, many times passed by the border but not yet explored.


Grateful for : having such a lovely husband I could have ever asked for. Every little thing he did, he did it with love. Well, i m not a spoiled wife, I m well taken care of 😍 Β I mean look at that whatsapp messages that he sent, doesn’t he the sweetest ? Just because there s a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers in the street, he spent his time to make a photos and send them virtually:-)


What are you grateful for today ?
Happy Monday!Β 


37 thoughts on “Days of Gratitude

  1. Nice, I’ve heard this so many times, write down something that makes us grateful can add happiness into our life. Ah, I haven’t been able to do this on my blog.

    Happy Monday, Mba. πŸ™‚

  2. Hehehe niat banget Fe lakimu kirim “bunga di hari pagi”…πŸ˜„ Salut dehπŸ‘ Aku bersyukur karena diberi kesehatan, kesempatan keliling dunia (meski gak “segila” dirimu, jengπŸ˜„), dan suami yg baik hati…(baru dapat curhatan teman kemarin yg stlh 16 thn nikah cerai, trus si ex gak mau lagi biayain anak2nya..duh😬)

        1. keknya sih dia mau konsen main di Eropa gitu Mey, makanya pindah ke Belgia dulu selama setahun untuk join di group junior sini :-))

          Beckham udah gak kuat lari keknya, faktor U xixixi

  3. Am grateful today for I don’t have to work in this stormy and windy weather condition. And grateful that my kids finally are over their flu/cold that’s been around for ages! Happy Monday darling😘

  4. Mr hubby is such a romantic person <3. Ponakannya cakep indeed, bener2 cocok jd pemain bola! Eh mbak feb, sori oot, rambutnya tebel gitu pake apa sih?? Mauu dong rahasianya hehe. Grateful thing today, hmm had a nice lunch aja deh! πŸ™‚

    1. He is πŸ™‚ Makasih Yuni πŸ™‚

      Lahir udah dikasih rambut kek gini Yun, tebel sampe kalo blow dry di salon di Indonesia, suka kasihan ama orang nya karena nge blow nya ga selesai2 xixixi

      wahhh nice lunch nya her menu apa nih? pastii nyummmiiii

      1. Wow lucky you! Gak perlu misuh2 ngeliat rambut rontok (udah tipis makin tipis aja huaaa). The lunch is very simple dish actually, ikan sarden kalengan sama labu direbus. *happy krn gak perlu repot2 masak* πŸ˜‰

  5. wahh.. kak fe.. pindah blog ya?? di komputer kantor saya aneh dehh.. masa kalo buka si jalan2liburan skrng. ga bisa di liat kyk blog2 lain.. kyk tulisannya ga kliatan gituu.. cuman voto.nya aja.. ~.~`

  6. Hello Fe, I am grateful everyday to live the way my life is and my family are healthy! The little thing that your hubby does is what counts the most!! Embrace that.

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