[ October ]


We all know what the pink ribbon stands for and many women battle it & be a winner while others don’t. We see it advertised everywhere. But can you tell me about this pink and blue ribbon? We don’t see it advertised anywhere.

October is Miscarriage Awareness Month and it happens more often than people realise and believe people need to talk about it more.

I have been thinking about my angel baby a lot lately. My child that I never got a chance to hold. He/she who should be born this October.
One day I know I will get to see my little again when the time is right.
When you dream of something so long, and it s taken from you in the blink of an eye, it hurts. But i m strong, and not giving up.

385053_474920075862033_1158808596_n1 This month, we remember all the babies born sleeping.
Those we have carried but never met.
Those we have held but could not take home.
The ones that came home but could not stay.
Help break the silence, help remember our angels.

56 thoughts on “[ October ]

  1. and now you make me cry mam !
    a quote says : don’t lose hope. you never know what tomorrow will bring
    I say : don’t ever lose hope for you know to whom you’ve put your hopes in
    have faith, dear 🙂

    1. Every October 15th of the year mbak, all the women who ever lost their children or miscarriage should nyalain lilin at 19:00 to remember their beloved 🙂
      Txs for ur virtual hugs, that s sweet 🙂

  2. So sorry for your loss, I had live birth twins at 20 weeks along, they were in this world for a couple of hours. I know how you feel but I am sure he/she is waiting for you up there. HUGS!! Will definitely light up some candles.

    1. When i feel like i m the only one in this world who get such an unfair treatment, then i have to read your comment, it feels like a punch in my face. I just don’t wanna in your position, i can’t stand it no more i believe.
      Thank you for such a delightful message.

    1. xixixixi gapapa Nggi, makasih yah. Miscarriage nya udah bbrp bulan lalu sebelum traveling2 kemarin yg lumayan lama. Cmn krn bulan ini bulan Oktober keingetan krn mesti nya due nya bulan ini 🙂

  3. Feeeeeeb, i’m so sorry for your loss, so sad to hear that *big hugs. Wherever she/he is right now, i’m sure he/she’s in beautiful place, safe and warm. He/she already be in our Libra community with me and mas Baron, huuyeeaa 🙂

  4. hallo Feby, salam kenal. Aku Sondang. Aku buka linknya dari reader tyke dan aku langsung mewek baca ini very early in the morning. Hiks. Anakku skrg 3, paling besar Ephraim, tapi sampe sekarang kami menganggapnya anak kedua karena anak pertamaku keguguran. Meski belum sampe 3 bulan, meski orang bilang itu belum ada rohnya, masih belum ‘ada’ dsb dst, he (oh iya I believe he’s a boy) menurutku dia sudah ada sejak aku liat strip positif dan usg kantung hamil. Udah didoain-dimimpiin-dsb. Bahkan nama Ephraim itu anak Yusuf yang kedua, makanya kami pilih nama itu juga. Aduh feb aku jd kepikiran mau bikin psotingan ini, aku belum pernah me let go soal ini dalam bentuk tulisan. Sampe sekarang, setiap denger ada yang keguguran, aku bisa langsung mewek di tempat. Bulan lalu bosku cerita santai soal kegugurannya, dan aku yg nangis sesegukan gitu phew.
    Stay strong ya Feb. Gak ada kalimat yang bisa nenangkan mungkin ya, tapi ya akana da waktunya kita berkumpul semua lagi kan. Hugs. *belum kenal tapi di perkenelan pertama aku kasih hug ya, first time for me doing sok ikrib like this *.

    1. Hallo Sondang, salam kenal juga. Terima kasih feedback dan sharing nya, it means a lot. I believe my kid is a boy too, my feeling said so 🙂
      Kesedihan rasanya lumrah ya, mungkin lebih tepatnya kecewa. Namanya juga pengharapan akan sesuatu yg ditunggu2, ketika hadir malah diambil kembali as easy as that. But u know what, one day i woke up and realize that new joy and laughter will arrive soon, and i ll hold that energy to move on 🙂

      oh btw, aku ga bisa follow blog kamu 😦 di protect ya?

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