{ Mussels }

Mussels or moules are the national dish of Belgium & in season from September to February that come from the North Sea, off the northern coast of the Netherlands. Traditionally they are served in a large steaming pot of savoury broth with a side Belgian frites and homemade mayonnaise.

The most common method is a la marinere, which consists of white wine, shallots, parsley and butter. However you ll see many other recipes, like replacing the white wine with delicious Belgian beer.

Mussels ready to serve

Mr husband told me a story how this mussels are cleaned up by workers there in a factory in Morocco cause of the high salary of workers in here. So, the mussels need to travel from Netherlands/UK/Belgium to Morocco and need to return to the markets in their original countries in less than 4 hours to keep them still fresh.

Traditional ingredients


served with Belgian frites..nyumehhhh

My private chef, straight to kitchen from his work. I couldn’t ask for a better half 🙂


47 thoughts on “{ Mussels }

  1. Aduuuhhh enak banget iniii…Kalau di Jakarta apa semacam Kerang hijau saus kacang atau saus nanas ya? ini beda dengan oyster ya? aku pernah makan oyster. Seger *aku suka makanan laut yang seger mentah selama aman dikonsumsi 😀

  2. I once watched this cooking program of hugh fearnley in which he cooked the mussels with simple spices, only garlic spring onion and butter. looks tempting and delicious.

  3. Woww.. its quite far to fly it from Belgium to Morocco kan? udah di africa gt morocco. i dont really eat seafood. tapi kalo kerang tiram ini pake saus padang si aku suka banget. hahaha.

    • kemarin ini sempet diskon gila2an Mar krn summer disini kan ancur bgt tuh (ujan mulu), nah orang2 males ke resto untuk makan mussels, while disini tradisi makan mussel ini lebih seru kl makan di resto sambil berjemur. Yg ada penjualan mussels pun turun, dan diskon di supermarket2. Asli tuh kita makan mussels bisa ampe tiap ari :))

      btw, blm pernah nyobain light curry, masih suka yg original recipe 🙂 di resto2 byk sih yg jual curry sauce. Next time ! 🙂

  4. Baru kemarin aku lihat berita di DW tentang kebiasaan orang belgia yg kebiasaan makan kerang.
    tapi sayangnya kerangnya harus di impor dari belanda dan new zealand ya feb..
    terus masaknya sederhana banget ya feb.

  5. Hihi jd inget kebiasan aq sm tmn kerja mkn kerang rebus berdua tiap plg kerja
    Mana kerang rebusnya dibumbuin gt pake kunyit dll jd pedes seger yg kdg bkin lupa klo mkn kerang ga boleh kebanyakan.
    Jd pgn mkn kerang

  6. Wow it is amazing to think that the return delivery cost from the Netherlands/Belgium to Morocco is still cheaper than the difference in labour cost!!

    Anyway, damn! Now I miss the Belgian mussles dish!!! 😦 I had one when I was in Brussels a few years ago 😀

  7. I love mussels! Terutama chilli mussels, yum😋 Btw mussel itu lain dengan kerang kan ya Feb? Disini kalo kerang bilangnya clams, lebih kecil2 drpd mussel. Itu frites sama dengan french fries or chips ga ya Feb?

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