{ 7 Years Ago Today }

Seven years ago today, we became husband and wife. We didn’t know a lot back then, but we knew one thing for certain: we belonged together.

2 years ago or today, there is nothing changed, my heart still skips a beat when you walk into a room or when I see that you have texted me during the day to tell me you are thinking of me.
I Love you for many reasons, you continue to amaze me year after year with your ability to selflessly love me. When I am stressed out, you are my calm. When I need help, you are always there to lend an ear, a hand or a reassuring hug.

You are my best friend and I am so blessed that God chose you to be my half & that you feel the same way. We feel equally blessed &I love that. I love our life together.

Happy Anniversary Y,
Every morning I wake up excited to continue our journey together, you are my soul mate, my lifetime travel partner.

All my love, now and always!
Bali, December 8th 2007
Marrakech, December 8th 2014

85 thoughts on “{ 7 Years Ago Today }

  1. Terharu Fe bacanya, juga seperti ikut merasakan kebahagiaan kalian. Selamat ulang tahun pernikahan ya untuk Fe dan Suami. Sehat selalu supaya terus bisa travelling, bahagia dan langgeng sampai nanti, sampai selamanya 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary ya mbak Fe…. Ada typo sedikit nih mbak, namun cukup buat kening mengerut bacanya… Di paragraf 2, kok jadinya 2 years ago? Hehehe… Bukan maksud nyinyir ya mbak… Biar 7 years nya makin sempurna…

    Makin langgeng dan sering blusukan ke penjuru bumi yang terdalam, terjauh, terpencil, tereksotis sampai tua…

    1. Aku bantu jawab deh, maksudnya mau 7th lalu kek, 2th lalu, th depan, kemarin, atau besok, cintanya tetep sama 🙂 Gitu.

      Btw happy anniversary mbak Fe, semoga langgeng terus sampe maut memisahkan, amin!

  3. Wahh baru lihat Marrakech kmren di Amazing Race.. 😀 hihi..

    Happy Anniversary yah Fe & suami.. Langgeng, bahagia, terus penuh cinta setiap hari 😀

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