{ Wonderful Christmas 2014 }

Unfortunately I am not able to go home to Indonesia this Christmas, however home is where your heart is. We decided to make Christmas this year more simple, no Christmas tree and its ornaments nor a Christmas cookies. Even we didn’t prepare a presents, if you need/want something, just tell and go to shop to get it :p
One ritual that we still did : writing a Christmas cards and send them through snail mail for our families and several of them are for the neighbours .

We had planned to be somewhere just two of us during this Christmas week , somewhere we never been before, and this time is for Dublin, the capital of Ireland.
Actually we never travel during Christmas, so this time is the first time and feel so wonderful. We did walking tour and excursion with a group, we laughed, we sing, we shared so much joy with the rest of the participants from all around the world in this city.

From ours to yours, Merry Christmas for you who celebrate it ! ❤

To see our photos in Dublin, you can follow our Instagram in here

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