February 14th

The idea behind Valentine’s Day is nice, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance but it’s an opportunity to slow down our busy lives to tell our friends and family that we love them. Society that make it wicked, thinking that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, it is too forced and over-commercialized.

The truth is you shouldn’t need an artificial ‘set a date’ to please your partner and other people, a random and thoughtful act is so much more appreciated. For my self, I would be more impressed if my partner give me a flowers on any random day.

Baby purple and fuchsia tulips on February 13th cause the 14th is so mainstream, so that my hubby said :p

My heart goes to all the single and to all the men in this planet who need to fulfill this day cause of their partner asked them to do so. This is the time to realise that just because your partner has never given you a present for Valentine’s Day does not mean he/she doesn’t care.

We had our saturday date today – just because we want to do it – it s weekend and I would like to try one restaurant in town called De Foyer.

Located within the beautiful Bourla Theatre, from their website I have a feeling that it s a glorious place to escape and my feeling is correct, the interior is just exquisite, grand and beautiful.
Actually this restaurant is where the concert goers can enjoy a pre-show drink and snack or where they can enjoy an afternoon tea/dessert.

Hope you have a lovely day of February 14th  ! ❤





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