{ Birthday Note }

Today is that day, a day to celebrate life, to reflect on my highest visions & examine my journey.
The year hasn’t been pretty to say the least. But those tumultuous roller coaster rides had an amazing way of showing the beauty in life.

I ask myself things like am I being the best representation of myself?
Am I following my heart?
Am I valuing my intuition?
What did I learn the most?
What will I bring with me in this new year?
Have I done something good for myself, my family and people around me?
Have I gave some benefits to them?
Have I motivated people around me?
or do I just a pain in the ass in some else’s life?

I am so grateful for all who perfected me.
I am so grateful for this life I have. There are millions of memories and experiences
Friends & family who keep me laughing & sane who I cherish every day.
A husband who does more for me than I can even say.
I like who I am and what I have…..Life isn’t perfect and never will be, and Yes I m blessed.

– February 16th 2015-

75 thoughts on “{ Birthday Note }

  1. Happy Birthday Mba Fe, Sehat selalu, bahagia dan langgeng terus sampai kakek nenek hehehe. Semoga apa yang di inginkan segera terkabulkan. Amien 🙂 *Mareekitamakankue* 😀

  2. happy birthday fe’ … mo gue kerahkan semua mantan anak BPK Penabur nyanyi buat lu gak ?! wkwkwkwk … kali aje kangen lu. kenal gak kenal, gak papa lah, yg penting nyanyi. anyway, selamat memasuki usia yg baru. wishing you plenty of wonderful moments all year long. God bless you and your fam fe’ ! 🙂

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