[ First Blossom of The Year ]


First blossom of the year, my camellia flowers in the backyard garden.
Camellia Japonica is one of the best known species of the genus Camellia. Sometimes called “the Rose of winter”, isn’t it such a lovely name, indeed it s a rose of winter cause its shine during the whole period of winter with their glossy, deep green leaves. Even this plant has no problem at all when we experienced the hard winter a couple of years ago.

Unlike other floral emblems of beauty, the Camellia Japonica has no fragrance however the red blossoms were symbols of beauty while the white flowers means  for true excellence and faithfulness. When given to a man, camellias represent luck.

Camellias are most commonly used as an ornamental plant, adored for lovely, long-lasting flowers, but several varieties have medicinal or practical purposes.


In Chinese tradition, camellias symbolises the expression of long-lasting devotion. The petals symbolise : the spirit of a young lady. The calyx (which holds the blossom) symbolizes : a young man entrusted to care for and protect the lady.



12 thoughts on “[ First Blossom of The Year ]

  1. cantik banget bunganya. Baru tahu ini bentuknya bunga Camellia. Sebelumnya cuma tahu nama dari Camelia Malik *iya, saya penggemar dangdut dan lagu aja. 😛

    1. Masih dingin banget sih Chris, tp keknya hard winter wont come back kalau ngeliat di prakiraan cuaca, maksimum per day masih di 10 derajat celsius , pengen pindah ke LA aja rasanya 🙂

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