{ Scented Candles }

I am a big believer in fresh flowers, good candles, a cup of tea, cooking with fresh herbs and stacks of good books. Not just for a special occasion but to be enjoyed just for the sheer pleasure of it all everyday, making ur house a home & someplace warm & special for family to come home at the end of each day.

Talking about a good candles, this white jasmine scented candles from Zara Home is my recent favourite, amazing smell and long-lasting.  Zara describe it as a bouquet of wild flowers highlighting the intoxicating fragrance of Jasmine and the delicate floral freshness of lilies of the valley. Main aromatic notes: Jasmine, Lily of the valley, cucumber.

I can’t afford to burn the likes of Jo Malone and Dyptique scented candles to my hear’s content. And too bad that we don’t have yankee candles in here, thus this Zara Home Scented Candles is a good deal and it comes in 4 times larger then the others candles size.

Which are your favourite candles or scents to have around your home?


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  1. ohdearria says:

    Me too! Am a sucker for scented candles and fresh flower Feb. I am loving the Glasshouse series of Bora2, Gallipolli for fall/winter. In the summer I like Daisy from Palm Beach Collection. I have Jo Malone and Dypthique candle but I don’t burn them that often since they are dear enough to be burnt!😀😀 not a big fans of Yankee candles though, somehow I find them too strong/too sweet for my liking.

  2. azmihoffmann says:

    Barusan nyoba vanilla scent buat di rumah, jadinya laper mulu. Next time akan beralih ke jasmine frangipani nya body shop lagi deh mba 😀

  3. rangi ruru says:

    mee too suka scented candles, jg suka dg dupa aromatherapy hehehe

  4. nyonyasepatu says:

    aku selalu pake vanilla yang disemprot2 di bantal kalau mau tidur 🙂 . Kalau lilin jarang punya yang wangi2 karena terlalu sering mati listrik, jadi belinya yang murah aja

  5. Arman says:

    Kalo scents buat rumah gw selalu suka lavender atau cranberry. Kalo lagi natal suka cinnamon. 🙂

  6. Yankee candle disini dimana2 tapi menurut aku wanginya terlalu keras ke hidung, rada sensitif soal wangi2an klau berlebihan suka bikin pusing. Hahaha! Aku suka Jo Malone, tapi itu yah berasa bakar duit. Aroma yang aku suka adalah white cotton atau Jasmine. Kalau lavender tumbuh baik, aku biasanya suka di keringin untuk wangi2an rumah.

  7. Lagi suka aroma tuberose 😃 bawa pulang satu dari outlet, satunya lagi kirim ke Jakarta xixixi

  8. Beby says:

    Aku kira itu cokelat. Huahahah.. 😀

    Aku punya lilin aromaterapi, tapi ngga pernah dipakek. Disayang-sayang mulu 😛

  9. Aku selalu suka wangi apel atau jasmine tea! Cinnamon juga.

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