Slap Her !

So heart warming, this is beautiful and made me cry, some young men are growing up right.
One thing we need to make it correct here that nobody should hit anyone, either you are a man or woman, boy or girl. 

It s wonderful to see that some people knew how to be kind. And some men out there need to learn from these boys, big time!

13 thoughts on “Slap Her !

  1. Saya pernah menonton iniii dan memang keten banget :hehe. Iya memukul itu nggak baik, pada siapa pun. Tak pantas menyakiti seseorang secara fisik kalau menurut saya :hehe.

  2. This is just melting my heart. Anak kecil aja tau kalau kekerasan terhadap wanita adalah tindakan yg buruk. Pelaku kekerasan terhadap wanita harus belajar dr anak2 itu, wanita harus dicintai dan bukan dilukai 😀

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