February And About

You know you are loved when so much attentions you received during your special moments of life. This month is awesome and cant thank God enough that I’ve spent 40 times of ‘Februaries’ in my life. Yup, it happened, here I am saying farewell to my thirties as I turned the dreaded corner into middle age.

Birthday Trip to Iceland
The Day I Turned 40 –  Birthday Trip to Iceland

To be honest with you, 40 indeed sounds so old! It seems like only a few years ago that I was 21 and walking in the office with those mini skirts around, where does the time go? ( though I still love wearing mini skirts too now )
I feel like my 30s blew right past me! Wise man said time flies if you have a good times, maybe he s right !

I learned that even though years gone by don’t just make me older, but it has to make me more. More grateful, worry less!

Bottom line? I am at peace with me, this decade is going to be my jam!

Turning 40 Birthday
Surprise Birthday Party From The Girls
Turning 40
Feels so much love, thank you girlfriends!

40th Birthday40075578881_a31c495018_o

Birthday with friend

Squads – Birthday Dinner 

55 thoughts on “February And About

  1. Hai Feb yg cantik en ceria selalu! Happy birthday, semoga sehat dan bahagia terus 😘😘😘😘.

    Aahhh seru dapet suprise party, aku pernah dpt juga dua thn lalu, moment seru dan tak terlupakan….

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